JUNE 2017


A quick reminder to tend your plants before maintenance begins for the Stormblood expansion! All plants should be fine since it's only a 24hr downtime.

The gardening page will continue to be updated throughout Stormblood with whatever the devs decide to add. As always, I will rely on the community to provide as much info as possible while I also do my own research. Translations will also be added for in-game items as soon as I can get to them!

Confirmed crosses will now require a screenshot in order to be listed on the site in order to maintain the integrity of the information. I will also be looking for crop and seed yields for new items as well using the different types of soil.

When submitting a screenshot with your cross it would be preferable to show timestamps as well as the plants surrounding the harvested plant. I've provided a screenshot of a good example of how to properly track new crosses. In the screenshot below you can clearly see that Mandrake x Midland Cabbage will produce either Almond or Dzemael Tomato seeds.

Happy Gardening and don't forget to hydrate!